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Apparel and equipment required for the 2021 task event

Bicycle/road running

​Triathlon/Duathlon/Long Swimming

Equipment to be carried on the field

Regulations for participating in the medical triathlon mission event (the mission contest is sponsored by Triathlon Healthcare Co., Ltd., and the company reserves the right of interpretation)

General rule

According to the emergency medical rescue personnel (hereinafter referred to as rescue personnel) stipulated by the Emergency Medical Rescue Law, the medical triathlon missions are only sponsored for rescue personnel with valid licenses of physicians, paramedics, and rescue technicians (EMT1, EMT2, EMTP)

<Tie Liyi>
Wearing medical iron man-related costumes to participate in any mission event or self-funded event will not win prizes on stage. If you accidentally win a prize unintentionally, you must give up automatically. In case of violation, the first time is suspended for half a year, and the second time is permanently removed from the medical iron.
<Iron Law II>
The completion of the medical iron race is basically to help others, it is willing, there is no reason why the medical iron man can not complete the race, because escorting the injured to the hospital is a matter for the paid medical care unit.
<Tie Law Three>
Please cooperate with the medical iron organization system and regulations, and participate in the competition as scheduled. If you are unable to comply, please take part in the competition at your own expense and wear non-medical clothing. Do not use the quota for the mission event.
Please observe the following.

1. Team uniforms are not allowed to privately print other customized graphics and texts, respect trademark rights

2. In principle, the vest is replaced once a year, and the triathlon suit is replaced every two years. Please follow the current regulations for the costumes and equipment for each competition.

3. Non-members and medical licenses without medical iron regulations are not allowed to wear team uniforms and do not borrow team uniforms for others to play

4. The mission of the medical triathlon event is not limited to partners who have completed the triathlon. As long as you have experience in road running or cycling-related events, you are welcome to participate. Just to use this free event, you must have medical-related regulations stipulated by the medical iron. Certificates and rich experience in finishing the event.

The sponsors of the medical iron man task event (hereinafter referred to as Party B) have the opportunity to accept the sponsorship of the medical iron man task event (hereinafter referred to as Party A) after registration. During the period when Party B accepts the sponsorship of the mission event, in addition to complying with the relevant mission event regulations, Party A has the right to use Party B’s images or photos for commercial use by Party A. Party A may use the authorized portraits, photos or audiovisual images provided by Party B. Place it on Party A’s company catalogue and website and have the right to use its copyright, and place it on Party A’s company catalogue and website. Party B can link to Party A’s company website on the personal webpage and its communication software/information bar, or disclose Party A’s sponsorship. ; If the image or photo provided by Party B results in a dispute or dispute with a third party, Party B shall be responsible for it, and Party A has nothing to do with it.

5. A medical and iron resume is required to be able to compete for medical and iron tasks

In order for the organizer to grasp the background of the partners supporting the medical iron man in the competition after each submission of the list, please submit medical iron resumes and personal photos to the medical iron man official Line@, medical iron The editor will upload the information to the following link based on the information, and if the format does not match, the document will be returned and repaired. Partners who have already submitted do not need to submit again, unless they have items that they want to update, they can send private messages to the official Line@ of Medical Iron Man.

Resume URL of Medical Iron Man:

Other health care-related tasks Iron Man event sponsorship regulations that will be in the process of adding members

Management Measures for the Participants of the Medical Railway (Before the Competition)

1 Before the game-a single photo of the whole body of the individual image, hence the name Siyi👉 "personal", "image", "full body" and "single photo".

1.1 Please be sure to take at least one "personal full-body single photo" before the game.

1.2 Image: The uniforms and equipment of the medical iron team must be clearly exposed, please be sure to show your pockets when taking pictures

1.3 You must bring your mobile phone to report back if you have a condition.

Because our purpose is to help others, clothing, equipment and mobile phones are necessary. Judging whether the clothing and equipment conform to the individual photos of everyone.

1.4 Medical Railway will set up a task group of the factory two weeks before the task event and invite participating members of the Medical Railway to join. Please gather before the game according to the pre-match discussion. Do not be late. Latecomers will be suspended according to the circumstances.

Check item

2. Group photo

The team instructor assists in taking a group photo, and uploads and reports the actual number of arrivals and late arrivals before the start of the game, and reports the number of people who have finished the game after the game in the event group


Management Measures for the Participants of the Medical Railway (In the Competition)

Participant's photo upload check

Each person is required to take five helping photos during each mission event (two of them are interactive photos with contestant Salombas, and the other three are photos of taking medical iron salt mineral ingots to contestants)


Management Measures for Medical Railway Contestants (Post-Competition)

Check item

3. After the game

3.1 After the competition, upload the photos of the medals for inspection

One photo of each person, which must be uploaded within eight hours after each person finishes the game

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