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LP SUPPORT medical care iron man CPR, AED and sports protection public welfare teaching activities


LP SUPPORT x Medical Iron Man CPR, AED and Sports Protection Public Welfare Teaching Activities Since its establishment in 2016, Medical Iron Man has carried out charity rescue in more than 300 marathons, bicycles and triathlon endurance races at home and abroad, and promoted the safety of the race. idea.
At present, all major public places in Taiwan have installed AED electric shock first aid equipment. In order to strengthen the CPR/AED first aid skills of ordinary citizens, so that more people have relevant sports protection knowledge, it is combined with the American sports protection brand LP SUPPORT and the legal entity Taiwan Sports Safety and First Aid Skills Promotion Association and Taiwan Triathlon Safety Association will hold CPR, AED and sports protection public welfare teaching activities in six cities across Taiwan in 2020.
1. Organizers: @LP SUPPORT, @医护铁人, @社团法人 Taiwan Sports Safety and First Aid Skills Promotion Association, @台灣铁人赛安全协会
2. Co-organizers: @Health and Welfare Department Shuanghe Hospital, @GARMIN, @诺壮BCAA, @马拉松世界, @277自转车, @哈铁人, @ don1don动一动, @ 社團會國人機構東县金鳳鳳書動戸會GPEMA, @运动记, @单体活 continue to increase...
3. Participants: the general public
4. Cost: Free, but considering the venue and lecturer arrangements, if you need to participate, please help confirm the following information
4.1 Due to the consideration of certificates and material preparations, this activity is limited to those who have filled out the registration form in advance, and please complete the registration and payment procedures 12 days before the start of each elevator activity. Those who have not completed the registration will be deemed invalid.
4.2 Pay a deposit of 200 yuan (the deposit will be refunded by the medical iron man window at the end of the event without interest, the deposit will be confiscated if there is no full participation or no participants. Although this course is free of charge, the lecturer and venue teaching aids are all costs , Please cherish the resources. ), register in advance and participate in the whole process, you will have the opportunity to get free gifts.
4.3 The cost of the CPR+AED training certificate issued by the certificate issuing unit recognized by the Ministry of Health Services is 100 yuan (need to register in the brochure first, and those who do not need this certificate are exempt from paying)
@Relevant fees, please remit within one week after registration (participation in the event + no CPR + AED certificate = 200 yuan; participation in the event + CPR + AED training certificate = 300 yuan) to the following account: South China Bank Xinxing Branch, account name: Iron Man Medical Care Co., Ltd., bank code 008, account number: 702100111959, please notify the official LINE@(LINE ID: @wrz2678x) of the medical care iron man after the remittance is completed for confirmation. If there is no remittance and active notification, the registration is deemed to have been abandoned.
4.4 If the event is rescheduled or cancelled by the organizer, a full interest-free refund will be issued, and other personal reasons will not be accepted.
5. Course features and content of each tier:
The first to combine CPR and AED training, sports protection (warm-up, retracting exercises, cramp prevention and relief, and practical sharing)
14:00~15:30 CPR and AED training (Taught by the instructor of BLSI (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor Training Course))
15:30~16:30 Sports protection (Taught by medical iron man)
6. Click here for the registration brochure

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