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Six steps to become a medical iron man and help others

Learn about medical iron culture and related activities, and refer to the link to click here to join related LINE groups
Only those who have a license and relevant completion information can become a medical ironman and register for the task race quota. Please upload the medical care license and submit the road running/biking/triathlon/long swimming or cross-country race completion certificate application achievement badge and submit relevant Completion certificate. To apply for the achievement badge, please click here , and send a private message to the official line of Medical Care Ironman to ask the management team to assist in joining the "Member Novice Online Counseling Group. Finally, fill in the medical iron resume and send it to the official line of Medical Care Ironman to upload to the fan club .
Completed, the new medical ironman joins the check list (check list)-the items in the upper + lower volume and the novice complete status manual query
Join the fb community within three days to agree with the concept, please fill in the medical iron man membership application form, if you have completed all of the above, please send a private message to the medical iron man official Line@ Please help to join the "medical iron man chat" Line group
After receiving the clothing and shrimp skin sent by the association, purchase medical iron-related clothing or mission equipment by yourself
If you want to participate in the medical iron mission event to help others, you can join the check list through the medical iron man newcomer to roll up
Refer to the joining steps, the medical iron man will sponsor the association or specific people’s materials, task quotas and activities from time to time
Step 6~Check the registration status of the mission event and understand the sponsorship regulations of the mission event and register for the mission event on the official website of the medical railway
Relevant information review permission will be provided by the management team after applying for the member according to ""Task races and activities registration list & number of entries & history statistics of each instructor & new medical iron man joining check list (check list)"

​Note: The annual fee of the association is billed annually, 1/1~12/31. The fee for joining at any time is the same. For example, the 12/3 payment due date is also the same as the 12/31 of the current year.

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