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​Taiwan Triathlon Safety Association has been established on 2017/08/12

Taiwan Triathlon Safety Association

The medical iron man has two legal person status, the main organization and operation is under the responsibility of the iron man medical care limited company, and the Taiwan iron man race safety association established in 2017 is mainly for public welfare.

IRONMEDIC Medical Iron Man was initiated by the founder Chen Yanliang in 2016 after a few sports-loving emergency responders (EMT) and medical staff met and exchanged ideas with each other. The initial related system organizations and trademarks were established by Iron Medical Co., Ltd. , And began to appear in major events in 2016, mainly to cooperate closely with the event organizer to improve event safety. Cardiopulmonary failure accidents may occur in every endurance sports competition of more than 1 hour. We mainly protect the participants in the competition, improve the safety of the competition, and help the participants with cramps to relieve the cramps outside of critical situations. Can return to the finish line safely to reunite with his family.

The membership of the Medical Iron Man is slowly increasing, but not only medical staff can join! Friends who care about the safety of the event can join at any time. For those who do not have a medical certificate, we will also encourage them to obtain the qualifications of Emergency Ambulance Service (EMT) in the near future and play together to guard the safety of the game.

Medical Iron Man has successively organized various district medical iron man schools from 2017/June, mainly organized by elite partners in medical iron with experience in finishing the competition, leading the participants to complete the target event together, including problems that may be encountered in the field : Tips in the transition zone, handling of a bicycle puncture, resolution of cramps, swimming attacks and defenses, risk assessment skills in each stage... etc. In addition to the lectures in the classroom, there are practical exercises. In addition to allowing everyone to The safe completion of the event can help the players on the field to be safe.

List of sponsors of association establishment

Chen Yanliang, Xu Ziyu, Hong Weixin, Lin Xinhong, Xu Huiwen, Huang Zhongqing, Zheng Ting, Wang Wenfeng, Chen Jijun, Lin Boshen, Wu Qiuping, Cai Chenghan, Li Zhixuan, Cai Cijuan, Chen Jianguo, Lin Yicheng, Shi Ningyi, Yan Peiru, Huang Junsheng, Lu Yuren,

Zhang Shuqi, Qiu Qihua, Zhong Wenfeng, Zhou Zhaohong, Li Boxun, Dai Xiufang,

Cai Yawei, You Ruying, Yan Haozhi, Wang Huantang, Pu Qipei, Ai Jing Exhibition, Zhu Yijing, Wu Zhenhui

Constitution of Taiwan Triathlon Safety Association

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