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About Medical Iron Man

Established in 2016, it is composed of a group of sports-loving medical practitioners and social professionals who are passionate about helping others. It uses a social enterprise approach and a pragmatic attitude to derive the concept of traditional public welfare medical runners from marathons to road running, In the fields of triathlon, cycling, cross-country, cross-country triathlon and long-swimming, it supports hundreds of endurance events every year on average. He has become the world's first medical iron man. He used medical professional help as a participant in the competition during the initial period. Save people is committed to public welfare, and then continued to promote the concept of event safety and sports protection, and integrate relevant education and training, writing, cultural creation and food into the lives of the general public. At present, in addition to more than 100 newspaper and media reports, articles and interviews, the iron man of medical care has also been listed on the international Wikipedia, which is called the light of Asia.

(Our vision)

World Medical Iron ~ Everyone should have a healthy and safe exercise style and environment

(Our mission) Our mission

Committed to the improvement of "event safety", so that the lives and property of participants have more protection

(Core value)

Love, win-win, and honesty are the core values of medical iron man. We will continue to support and develop the Race Safety Audit System (RSAS) with a forward-looking vision and industry, government and academia, and provide overall solutions for race safety and sports protection; seek a win-win concept High-standard organizational governance for the common interests of members, customers, participants, strategic partners, the general public and management, and make every effort to promote and contribute in corporate social responsibility, sports protection education, and health promotion.

(Our strategy)

"We want to help people exercise better and safer. Therefore, we design our services and products based on the knowledge of sports protection and event safety confirmed by the best medical athletes. We implement our mission through the following 3 important ideas: 1 . Collect information and data on the stadium 2. Continue to construct event safety audits and methodology 3. Increase influence through the promotion of products, media and educational services

      Ironmedic Association
Taiwan Iron Man competitions Safety Association
Established on August 12, 2017

Service area:

-Competition safety mechanism exchange

​- Friendship and Exchange of Medical Staff

      Ironmedic company
Iron Man Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Established on February 02, 2017

Service area:

-Yitie Wenchuang

-Event security integration service

-Event hosting

​- Operation of Medical Care Iron Man School

      Gloal Ironmedic company


- 全球醫護鐵人事務管理

      Ironmedic run club
Medical Iron Night Running Team

​Established on February 15, 2019

      Ironmedic School
Medical Iron School

​Established on June 17, 2017

​Scope of services:

-Triathlon promotion

​- Open triathlon training courses

      Ironmedic EMT
Medical Railway EMT Special Class

​Established on July 28, 2018

​Scope of services:

-Sports EMT promotion and certification



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