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About Ironmedic

Ironmedic is a group of sports enthusiasts with government-issued medical licenses and rich experience in the competition. Through cooperation with sponsors, they expand "medic runer" from marathon field to the triathlon, cycling and long swimming, This is the world's first. Ironmedic as a competitor to accompany other players to complete the game, the process of providing non-invasive real-time ambulance.. Has been with the major domestic and international events units to work together, such as: Ironman three ~ IRONMAN, CHALLENGE, LAVA , the Republic of China Triathlon Association, tst; iron man two ~ Giant, GARMIN; cycling ~ Merida; marathon and off-road obstacles Race ~ Spartan, the Republic of China Road running Association.

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Ironmedic Services

​- Cultural and Creative Industry

-Event Safety Planning

-Event Safety Personnel Certification

-Angel Ironmedic

-Held Triathlon & Marathon race

-Ironmedic school

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