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Choice of supplies for athletes and medical professionals

The medical iron man combines the clinical experience of many senior doctors and cooperates with the Nuozhuang BCAA team to develop relevant nutritional supplements for endurance sports from the perspective of a national athlete. Provide complete nutrients before, during and after exercise, enhance physical function, strengthen exercise performance, and avoid injury caused by exercise.

Medical iron man energy ribose

This product is a compound energy ribose designed for high-intensity exercise. It adds cranberry extract and vitamin C to help regulate physiological functions. Vitamin C has antioxidant function during exercise.

NTD$600 Buy Now

​Medical Iron Man Salt Mineral Ingot

Contains six electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Mg++, Cl-, HCO3-) including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium... and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C (helps maintain energy and amino acids) Normal metabolism), quickly replenish electrolytes lost by sweating, and relieve exercise fatigue.

NTD$220 Buy Now

Nuozhuang Medical Care Triathlon Co-branded Products

Use 1~2 packs within 30 minutes after exercise to restore and replenish energy lost during exercise

Use experience sharing

Mr. Liu Ronggen, National Army Calendar

Extreme sports favorite

I often think from different angles and challenge the limits, so the medical iron man and Nuozhuang who can satisfy and strengthen the body function are my best choices

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Hong Weixin

Irreplaceable trust

Naturally without side effects, it is the main reason why the medical iron man and Nuozhuang are deeply loved by medical athletes

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Liu Yi

​Healthy and safe choices

The design of Medicare Iron Man and Nuozhuang Compound not only satisfies athletes, but is an indispensable companion for home health care

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