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Personal Data Protection Statement of Iron Man Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Tieren Healthcare Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "the country"), for the implementation of consumer, customer management and service, marketing and other operations in accordance with the business registration items or the articles of association For business purposes, it is necessary to collect, process or use your name, date of birth, ID number, contact information, occupation, marriage, family and other information that can directly or indirectly identify you. This information will only be processed, used or marketed during your membership of Tieren Healthcare Co., Ltd. and at least one year and six months after the termination of your membership, and only for product recalls, product returns, and membership rights. Personal data-related operations are not limited to this period. Your personal data will only be stored in your home country in paper form or in electronic files in your home country, overseas information service areas and data processing centers for the company, the company’s cargo delivery and logistics, information services and other Dealing with or using by contracted cooperative manufacturers. If you need to add or amend the personal information provided above, you can make relevant adjustments through the member amendment form provided by our company.


The company selects and requires the contractual cooperative vendors mentioned in the preceding paragraph or the third party that has a cooperative or appointed relationship with the company in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country and the relevant international laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. For the establishment of relevant protection mechanisms for personal data, if you have any needs, please feel free to inquire at the member service window of each store of our company. If you need to know more about the processing or utilization of your personal data, please feel free to contact our company.


The company's collection, processing or use of any personal data follows the company's personal data management policy as the guiding principle, and has a complete personal data protection management system, so you can provide your personal data to this company with peace of mind. the company.


When the company retains your personal data, based on the provisions of the personal data protection law of your country, you can exercise the following rights:


(1) Inquiry or request to view your personal data.


(2) Request a copy of your personal data.


(3) Request to supplement or correct your personal information.


(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or using your personal data.


(5) Request to delete your personal data.


If you want to exercise the above-mentioned related rights, the member service window of our company will be responsible for accepting your request. You can find the phone number and company address to contact us on our official website.


If you are unable to provide personal information to the company for any reason, it will affect your use of the company's various member services and rights, and may result in not being a member of the company.


The company attaches great importance to the protection of personal privacy. If you need to learn more about the company's privacy statement or personal data protection statement, please go to the Taiwan member service window for relevant information.

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